Plan Highlights

Plan Highlights
  • Ideal for international leisure, missionary or business travel.
  • Coverage of COVID-19 testing and treatment.
  • Post-departure trip interruption transportation benefit up to $1,000*.
  • Quarantine benefits up to $50 per day, for 10 days*.
  • Choice of varying medical limits and deductibles.
  • For trips outside the U.S. up to 6 months for ages 95 and younger*.
  • Covers pre-existing conditions for medical services and medical evacuation, for individuals with a current U.S. health plan.
  • Requires a primary health plan; however, the primary plan does not need to be a Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield medical plan in order to be eligible.

Testing that is not medically necessary or is required as a prerequisite for work, school or entry into country is not covered.



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The internet is FULL of SafetyWing insurance reviews by people who have never even made a claim.nnRegurgitating info that you can easily find on their website isn’t helpful. You want to know how Safetying travel insurance actually PERFORMS when you need it the most – based on EXPERIENCE. That’s what we’ll cover in this video.nnMy SafetyWing affiliate link (thanks! 🙌): insurance comparison guide: nSafetyWing review written guide: Roadmap: nnAfter 2 surgeries in 2 countries abroad, 20+ doctor and physical therapy appointments, and over $15,000 in medical bills….I’ve learned a thing or two about how Safetywing works. nnIn this video, we’ll go over…nnDoes Safetywing cover you when you need it most? Or try to weasel out of paying?nnAre they easy to work with? Or a pain in the neck?nnAre they really the best travel insurance in 2023? Or is all the buzz overexaggerated?nnIn the end, it doesn’t matter how good a travel insurance company looks on paper…nnAll that matters is if they’re willing to put their money where their mouth is and cover your medical bills.nnIf you’re looking for a Safetywing review that’s backed by useful, real-life experience – here ya go!nn___n🔴M O R E C O O L V I D E O S 😎 :n▶ 10 Awesome Travel Jobs ANYONE Can Do: n▶ How to Become a Digital Nomad [COMPLETE BLUEPRINT}:▶ How We Afford to Travel Full-Time:▶ How to Score Housesitting Jobs and Travel for FREE: n▶ Our Sweet Cheap Luxury Apartment in Bangkok: nn___n🟢T O P R E C O M M E N D A T I O N S :nn→ FREE ACCOMMODATION: Stay for free in awesome houses around the world by agreeing to look after the owner’s pets:🔵A W E S O M E R E S O U R C E S :nn107 WAYS TO MAKE MONEY TRAVELING: nnEARN YOUR FIRST $1K FREELANCING (FREE COURSE): nn___n🟣A L I T T L E A B O U T U SnnHeyo! Mitch and Day here 👋🏼nnWe’re just your typical American-Colombian couple determined to live every second of our precious time here on earth to the fullest. After a 10-month solo backpacking trip through South America, I (Mitch) stopped in Cali, Colombia to take salsa dancing classes 💃🏻. I only planned to stay for a couple weeks, but God had other plans for me. I met a cute Colombian girl (Day) in class, those couple weeks turned into a couple years, and before we knew it…we were married 👰🏻🤵🏼nnNow we’re traveling the world full time as digital nomads, supporting ourselves by working online 👨‍💻👩‍💻nnOur goal with these videos is to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone, give you an inside peek at our crazy imperfect lives, and show you that you don’t have to be rich to live an extraordinary life…all you need to do is make the choice!nn___nDISCLAIMER: Links included in this description might be affiliate links. If you purchase a product or service with the links that I provide I may receive a small commission (at no additional charge to you!). I believe in and have experience with everything I recommend. Thank you for supporting so I can continue to provide you with free content each week!

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Plan Distinctions

Plan Distinctions
  • 24/7 Phone, Web, Mobile and Telemedicine Support.
  • Medical, Evacuation, Mental Health, RX, AD&D.
  • No hospital pre-certification penalty.
  • Voyager Choice is the most popular and comprehensive plan.

*Benefits and Eligibility vary for South Dakota residents. Learn more.

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After hours of research, here are my suggestions for the best travel insurance plans to buy for each situation and demographic. I’ve divided them into medical and comprehensive insurance plans for US citizens, non-Americans, and Canadians. nnWebsite used in this video 👉*If you appreciate the info I’ve provided, you can support me by using the links above. At no extra cost to you, I may earn a small commission when you use my links to purchase a plan. nn*Travel insurance is NOT a substitute for primary insurance. For the best primary health insurance for living in Thailand 👉 nn00:00 Intron00:59 Important disclosuren01:59 Best travel medical insurance for Americansn03:43 Note for residents of New York, Maryland, Washingtonn04:11 Best travel medical insurance for non-Americansn05:05 Best travel medical insurance for Canadiansn06:05 Best comprehensive travel insurance for Americansn07:12 Best comprehensive travel insurance for Canadiansnn———–nnWhen finding the best travel insurance, I think the best way is to have companies come to you with their plans so you can conveniently compare them and make a decision. You can think of it like the Kayak or Skyscanner of insurance plans, and it includes reviews by customers. nnBut I understand that for many, being shown all these plans all at once can get overwhelming and lead to analysis paralysis. And so if you’re one of these people and want me to help you make a decision, I’ve compiled a list of suggestions for the best travel insurance plans for various needs and demographics.nnThe best travel medical insurance for Americans traveling abroad is GeoBlue Voyager Choice. It’s a single-trip medical plan that does require you to have primary health insurance, and in return it will not exclude pre-existing conditions. If you don’t have primary insurance, you can go for the GeoBlue Voyager Essential but it will not cover pre-existing conditions with a lookback period of 6 months. The plan lets you choose your medical limit between 50,000 to a million dollars, and a deductible of between zero and 500 dollars. nnThe plan also features a Direct Pay program, which will pay medical bills upfront if the appointment was made with a provider in the GeoBlue network 24-hours in advance.nnWhen you need to end your trip early, due to a ‘covered reason’, trip interruption benefits can help reimburse you for the cost of transportation back home. nnHowever, the plan may not be available for residents of some states, namely New York, Maryland and Washington state, so one more alternative is HTH WorldWide. nnThe best travel medical insurance for non-Americans is IMG Patriot International. The medical coverage options range from 50,000 to a million US dollars but the maximum limit for people 70 to 79 years old is 50,000 and the maximum limit for people age 80 or above is 10,000, and you can choose a deductible from zero to 2500 dollars.nnFor travelers up to age 64, there is an optional Adventure Sports Rider add-on that will give additional medical coverage for an injury during an activity such as caving, bungee jumping, or wildlife safaris to name a few. nnThis plan also includes 24/7 emergency assistance services that you can call in the event there is an emergency during your trip. nnThe best travel medical insurance for Canadians is Tugo Emergency Medical. You get up to 5 million dollars in medical coverage and can choose a deductible of between zero and 100,000 dollars. It also covers medical evacuation and dental up to the medical maximum. nnThe best comprehensive travel insurance plan for Americans is Trawick International Safe Travels Voyager. The way to filter for this plan is in the results page, in the left panel, under plan types, choose comprehensive. nnThe plan covers trip cancellation up to the stated value of your trip for eligible reasons. Examples include a sickness or injury of you or your travel companion, weather that causes a complete stop to your common carrier for at least 12 hours, or you got laid off from a job where you’ve been working at for at least 3 years. nnFor some people, the plan gives you the option to purchase an additional perk called Cancel for Any Reason which will cover 75% of your non-refundable trip cost for any reason not otherwise covered by the policy. nnOther than that, it also offers a generous 250,000 dollars in primary medical coverage. The plan also includes missed connection coverage and pet medical expenses for people in some states. nnAnd so the best comprehensive travel insurance for Canadians is TuGo All Inclusive. The plan covers trip cancellation up to the stated value of your trip for eligible reasons. nnYou may also have the option to purchase the Cancel for Any Reason add-on which will cover 50% of your non-refundable trip cost for any reason not otherwise covered by the policy.

travel medical insurance 101

travel medical insurance 101

A record number of Americans traveled abroad in 2016 for leisure, business, study abroad and missionary work- to the tune of 67 million. Given recent epidemics, natural disasters and security threats around the world- coupled with your run-of-the-mill medical issues- travelers have more reason than ever to ensure their health and safety are fully insured prior to embarking on their trips. Americans are dedicating more and more time to preparing for their trips and researching the coverage options available to them, and with good reason. read more